24 October 2012 World Technology Awards

Dr. Frank Koppens

Professor Frank Koppens is a 2012 Award Finalist in the Materials category The World Technology Network has nominated Dr. Frank Koppens as a finalist for a prestigious World Technology Award in the Materials category. Dr. Koppens joins a roster of approximately 50 organizations and 100 individuals in this annual competition deemed by the members of the World Technology Network (“The WTN”) to be doing the “most innovative work of the greatest likely long-term significance.” The World Technology Awards have been presented by the WTN since 2000, as a way to honour those innovators who are the most innovative in science and technology in 20 different categories. Nominees for the 2012 World Technology Awards were selected by the WTN membership (spread out over 40 countries) through an intensive, global process over a period of many months.

“I am delighted to have been selected for the finals of the 2012 WTN awards in the Materials category. Being grouped with this amazing collection of brilliant minds, entrepreneurs, and futurists was quite an honor. This WTN 2012 event was dedicated to the theme \"nothing will ever be the same again\" pointing at the tremendous opportunities Science & Technology has to offer in truly changing and improving our world” Dr. Koppens said after the ceremony.

Prof. Koppens is a Nest Fellow at ICFO and the leader of the Nano-optoelectronics group.