27 November 2012 New X-ray metrology network

European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Prof. Jens Biegert part of a new EU COST network. The group led by ICREA Professor Jens Biegert is involved in the new COST Action \"Advanced X-ray spatial and temporal metrology\". This Action aims to bring together and consolidate a large consortium in X-ray metrology, bridging communities from incoherent x-rays to high harmonics to FEL and synchrotrons.

The EU COST network addresses the lack of adequate optics for the XUV to x-ray region. The upcoming XFEL facilities will need sub-nanometer accuracy aspheric optics to realize x-ray bio-imaging and attosecond pulses will need such surface quality optics to maintain the temporal structure of the x-ray burst. Prof. Jens Biegert joins the management committee of this COST action contributing the only attosecond beam line with angstrom precision aspherical optics and the tools to develop temporal diagnostics for the x-ray regime.