21 December 2012 New INNPACTO industrial projects at ICFO

Two ICFO research groups take on industrial projects with CLP Member COMSA EMTE. INNPACTO is a call by the Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness, which aims to offer incentives for public-private collaborations, specifically facilitating the creation of joint R& D+i projects between research organizations and companies. These projects help to promote innovation, attracting private investment, generating employment and improving the technology base in the county.

In the most recent INNPACTO call, ICFO has obtained two new industrial projects, both with companies of the COMSA EMTE’s group:

The TERMOPTICS project, coordinated by COMSA EMTE Medio Ambiente, with the collaboration of EMTE Sistemas, and the Optoelectronics Group at ICFO led by ICREA Professor Valerio Pruneri, will work towards the development of high temperature measurement systems based on latest generation fiber optics, for use in industrial factories.

The ECOBuilding project, coordinate by COMSA EMTE S.L with the collaboration of TFM Solar, DESPI and the Organic nanostructured photovoltaics group at ICFO led by Prof. Jordi Martorell, will develop active constructive elements for enveloping energetically efficient buildings.