29 January 2013 Vanguard of Science Award

Professors Gerasimos Konstantatos and Frank Koppens

Prof. Frank Koppens and Prof. Gerasimos Konstantatos candidates for a prize organized by La Vanguardia and Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera to promote excellence in research. Grupo Godo, with the support of Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera launched the prize “Vanguard of Science” (La Vanguardia de la Ciencia) to give visibility to frontier scientific research in Spain. In this third edition of the prize, ICFO Professors and Nest Fellows Frank Koppens and Gerasimos Konstantatos have been nominated for their research on graphene sensitivity to light.

Over the next four weeks, readers of La Vanguardia are invited to vote for the nominee who they believe represents the most important research by scientists in Spain during 2012. The prize will be awarded based on a weighted vote; 50% based on reader’s opinion and 50% based on recommendations from the Scientific Advisory Committee.