14 May 2013 2013 Prize for Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Electronics and Optics

Prof. Maciej Lewenstein

The European Physics Society’s most prestigious award for Prof. Maciej Lewenstein. In a Plenary Ceremony at the annual CLEO Conference in Munich (Conference on Laser and Electro Optics and International Quantum Electronics Conference), ICREA Professor at ICFO, Maciej Lewenstein was honored with the European Physics Society’s highest recognition, the 2013 Prize for Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Electronics and Optics. The award recognizes the very highest level of achievements in applied and fundamental research in optical physics. Prof. Lewenstein was specifically commended for his \"outstanding contributions to several areas of theoretical quantum optics, to the use of quantum gases for quantum information and to attosecond optics.”

The EPS prizes are well-established as leading European awards in both fundamental and applied quantum electronics and optics. They are awarded biennially to a senior scientists and have, in past years, been awarded to prominent scientists such as Herbert Walther, Vladilen Letokhov, Luigi Lugiato, Ignacio Cirac, Alain Aspect, among others, as well as Nobel Laureates Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Theodor Hänsch, and Serge Haroche.

Congratulations Maciej!