03 June 2013 New Group Leader

Prof. Javier Garcia de Abajo

ICFO is happy to announce the arrival of ICREA Prof. Javier Garcia de Abajo who will lead the Nanophotonics Theory group Dr. Javier García de Abajo joins ICFO as a Group Leader in Nanophotonics Theory. He will focus on theoretical aspects of nanophotonics, including nanoparticle plasmonics, graphene photonics, optical sensing, electron-microscope spectroscopies, metamaterials, condensed-matter theory, and quantum friction.

Prof. Javier García de Abajo completed his PhD in 1993 on atomic collisions in solids at the Universidad del País Vasco. He continued working at the same university as Assistant Professor while extending his research to electron-microscope spectroscopy. He moved to Berkeley National Lab in 1997, where he worked on photoelectron diffraction and spectroscopy. From scalar waves (electrons), he slowly evolved towards vectorial waves (photons), and he moved back to Spain in 2000 to occupy a Staff Scientist position at CSIC, where he became Research Professor in 2008. He serves as Deputy Editor of Optics Express and he is Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Optical Society of America.

Welcome Javier!