17 June 2013 ICFO – Corning Collaboration on the cover of Nano Research

Nanostructured surface on glass with industrial applications. The Optoelectronics group led by ICREA Professor and Corning Incorporated Chair at ICFO, Valerio Pruneri, in collaboration with researchers from Corning Incorporated USA have published an article which also appears on the cover of the June issue of Nano Research. The publication describes the creation of a multifunctional nanostructured surface on glass that, for the first time, combines a wide range of optical, wetting and durability properties, including low omnidirectional reflectivity, low haze, high transmission, superhydrophobicity, oleophobicity, and high mechanical resistance. Nanostructures were fabricated on a glass surface by exploiting a proprietary technology, consisting of reactive ion etching through a nanomask, which is formed by dewetting ultrathin metal films (a few atomic layer thick) subjected to rapid thermal annealing.

The developed surface nano-structuring does not require expensive lithography, thus it can be controlled and implemented on an industrial scale, which is crucial for applications. This work may have an important impact in a wide range of photonic products, including self-cleaning touch displays, high damage power threshold laser components, microfluidic devices, transparent solar cells and antimicrobial windows.