17 June 2013 Center for Surface Science sponsored by Corning Incorporated

Minister Andreu Mas-Colell cut the ribbon to inaugurate the new laboratory

Prof. Valerio Pruneri offered a tour of the lab with a demo

ICFO and Corning Incorporated Announce the Corning Professorship and Laboratory On June 17th, Corning Incorporated, the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, and ICFO formally announced and inaugurated the Corning Professorship and Laboratory. Cindy B. Giroux, division vice president and research director and Nick Borrelli, a corporate fellow, both of Corning Incorporated, have been collaborating with ICREA Professor at ICFO, Valerio Pruneri, for more than two years. This collaboration has borne a successful relationship between ICFO and Corning and has subsequently provided the opportunity for Corning to increase its presence in Spain.

The Corning-ICFO alliance includes multi-year sponsorship of a Chaired Faculty Professorship, a Corning Surfaces Laboratory, and sponsored research projects of mutual interest. The Chaired Faculty Professorship will be occupied by Professor Valerio Pruneri. The Professor’s knowledge of materials, physical principles, optics and nano-structures as well as his vast and unique experiences in photonic devices make him uniquely qualified to lead the collaboration. The Corning Surfaces Laboratory is designed to host cutting-edge fabrication and characterization equipment.

The Honorable Andreu Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy and Knowledge for the Government of Catalonia, officially opened the laboratory on Monday, 17th June, with other special guests in presence, including Corning officials, the Mayor of Castelldefels, the Secretary of Universities and Research for the Government of Catalonia.