09 July 2013 Deterministic teleportation between distant atomic objects

Teleportation of a sequence of spin states

Collaboration between ICFO and the Niels Bohr Institute on the cover page of Nature Physics. Quantum Teleportation is an essential element in Quantum Information Science and a key ingredient for distributed quantum networks. ICFO and the group led by Prof. Eugene Polzik, at Niels Bohr Institute have been working together in this field, with result published this week on the cover of Nature Physics. The collaboration consists of an experiment performed at the Niels Bohr Institute for which Dr. Christine Muschik in the Quantum Optics Theory group at ICFO designed the protocol and developed the theory.

So far, the teleportation of a quantum state between two matter systems over a macroscopic distance could only be demonstrated in a probabilistic fashion. In this paper titled “Deterministic quantum teleportation between distant atomic objects” a novel protocol for teleportation over a distance of 0.5m is realized, which allows for the deterministic transfer of a quantum state, i.e. successful teleportation protocol in every single attempt.

This feature is not only important for technological applications but opens up new possibilities for the teleportation of quantum dynamics [arXiv:1304.0319].

The experiment is carried out using gas samples at room temperature which are contained in glass cells. A freely propagating laser beam is used to entangle the two atomic clouds and to teleport the spin state from one gas sample to the other.