29 July 2013 ICFO clinical results highlighted in Physiological Measurement

The placement of the probe on the knee and schematic of the self-calibrating probe with two detectors and five sources

Featured article on measurement of bone hemodynamics by diffuse optics. Clinical results obtained by the group led by ICFO Prof. Turgut Durduran, in collaboration with researchers from University of Geneva, were selected as the featured article in the current edition of Physiological Measurement.

This paper discusses the cardiac cycle related pulsatile behavior of the hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation in the human patella (kneecap). Although the nature of the bone itself, which is hard and covered by other tissues, makes it difficult to investigate, noninvasive, quantitative and practical measurements of its hemodynamics could improve our fundamental understanding of bone function with potential applications in diagnosis and treatment of bone diseases.

In this study by means near infrared frequency domain spectroscopy researchers succeeded to characterize optical and physiological properties of kneecap bone that opens a new window for future studies of vascular and skeletal diseases.