29 October 2013 Rydberg atoms as quantum simulators

Rydberg atoms trapped in optical lattices, can be used to engineer collective states of matter that emerge in gauge theories. In this way the atoms behave as if they were quarks and gluons, the consti

Simulating gauge theories in Nature Communications Rydberg atoms trapped in optical lattices can be used to simulate gauge theories, the building blocks of our understanding of the strong, weak and the electromagnetic interactions. The paper entitled \"Simulation of non-Abelian gauge theories with optical lattices” appears in Nature Communications and is a collaboration between the research groups led by ICREA Professors at ICFO Maciej Lewenstein and Morgan Mitchell and also Professor P. Orland from CUNY. Their work paves the way for the use of Quantum Simulators to better understand phenomena such as the absence of isolated free quarks in nature, the phase diagram for nuclear matter at general temperatures and densities and the theory of high-temperature superconductivity.