19 February 2014 Most cited 2011 NanoLetters paper

Coupling of a dipole emitter to doped homogeneous-graphene plasmons

Graphene Plasmonics: A Platform for Strong Light-Matter Interactions The study entitled “Graphene Plasmonics: A Platform for Strong Light-Matter Interactions“ led by Nest Fellow Professors Frank Koppens and Darrick Chang and ICREA Professor at ICFO Javier García de Abajo, which was published in the journal of Nano Letters in 2011, has been acknowledged by Thomas Reuters’ Web of Science as the most cited paper for that respective year. The work has been ranked number one, as for total amount of citations, among over more than 970 articles published that year in the Nano Letters Journal.

The study showed how graphene plasmons, due to their electronic and mechanical properties, can provide a superior alternative to noble metals, which were considered, up to the moment, the best plasmonic materials. Recognized as a versatile optical material suitable for novel photonic and optoelectronic applications, the graphene plasmons’ tunability by electric field, tighter confinement and relatively long propagation distances enables their use for new possibilities in manipulating light-matter interactions at the nanoscale down to the single-surface plasmon (SP) level. Through the strong coupling between single emitters and single SPs, this optical material could be used to construct extremely fast quantum networks or simulate exotic strongly interacting condensed matter systems. In addition, graphene plasmons have already been demonstrated as a tool for capturing light in graphene with very high efficiency, with potential for highly efficient photodetectors.

Congratulations Frank, Darrick and Javier!!!