03 June 2014 New Tenured Group Leader

Prof. Turgut Durduran

Prof. Turgut Durduran awarded tenure at ICFO. Prof. Turgut Durduran, leader of the Medical Optics group at ICFO, has been awarded tenure at ICFO by the Board of Trustees of the institute.

Originally from Cyprus, Turgut received his Ph.D in 2004 at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) under the supervision of Dr. Arjun Yodh. During that period, he participated in numerous projects in non-invasive measurements of tissue hemodynamics with diffuse optical methods and had the opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary environment collaborating with world-famous scientists such as Dr Britton Chance. Due to a leadership role in a new project, he was promoted to a post-doctoral fellowship in 2003 prior to the completion of his Ph.D. and within three years was playing leadership roles (as a CO-PI) in several National Institutes of Health (NIH) projects. In 2006, he was promoted as a research faculty (“Research Associate”) in the Department of Radiology to co-lead the optics core of a NIH center project, playing a pivotal role in linking the multi-disciplinary research efforts of the Department of Physics and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. This new position in the medical school also enabled him to form close collaborations with leading neurologists, neuro-surgeons and oncologists and to obtain independent funding from NIH and Thrasher foundation as well as to lead the optics core of “Neuroscience Neuroimaging Center” (CfN).

Turgut departed from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009, when he joined ICFO to start the Medical Optics research group. His collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and Children\'s Hospital of Philadelphia, however, continues today via his adjunct assistant professorship (Department of Radiology) and several NIH funded research projects at the University of Pennsylvania.

At ICFO, the Medical Optics group has grown exponentially, today consisting of three postdoctoral fellows, nine Ph.D. students and one engineer, raising funding in national and international grants. The group\'s alumni include six master\'s students, fourteen undergraduates and interns and six postdoctoral fellows. Apart from the above-mentioned extensive collaborations with the University of Pennsylvania, they collaborate locally with four research hospitals, three biomedical research centers, two companies and internationally with groups from Italy, Switzerland, France, Sweden and USA. The Medical Optics group is active in LASERLAB EUROPE, Biophotonics World and Photonics4life, and leads a European group Photonics4Brain. The group was amongst the first recipients of the newly established “PROVA\'T” grants by the Catalan government for prototype development which led to the formation of an independent spin-off company, HemoPhotonics SL (Barcelona, Spain). HemoPhotonics commercializes technology developed in the Medical Optics group with former postdoc, Udo Weigel, leading the company as CEO and co-founder.

Prof. Durduran is considered one of the world-leaders of his research topic and he has given many invited talks in Biomedical, optics and physics meetings as well as in major clinical conferences.