04 August 2014 Roche Continents Workshop

Exploring the common ground of creativity and innovation in Arts and Science In a unique program of seminars, workshops, concerts and more taking place in Salzburg, Austria, during the world-famous Salzburg Festival, every year the Roche Continents workshop aims to motivate and encourage students from all over Europe to explore the common grounds of creativity in the arts and in science.

Roche has a long and rich tradition of supporting artistic and cultural projects. Roche Continents is a project cultivated from Roche’s partnership with the Salzburg Festival and is aimed at art and science students of all disciplines and specialties aged between 20 and 30 who are currently studying at European institutions.

As part of its 8th edition, this year ICFO PhD students Mathieu Massicotte, from the Nano-optoelectronics research group led by Prof. Frank Koppens, as well as Federica Beduini and Silvana Palacios, from the Quantum information with cold atoms and non-classical light research group led by Prof. Morgan Mitchell, have been selected to be part of this exceptional program.

All three ICFO attendees, along with 97 other students from all over Europe, will have the chance to participate and engage in conversations about fundamental topics within the fields of art, science, creativity and innovation. During this workshop, personalities from the Arts and Science disciplines will share their insights and experiences with the participants, who will attend concerts and workshops and seek to have live and nurturing discussions with them.

The workshop will take place from July 31 to August 06, 2014, in Salzburg, Austria.