09 October 2014 1st LSFM International Conference

1st LightSheet Fluorescence Microscopy International Conference & 6th LSFM International Workshop From September 25th thru September 26th, the city of Barcelona was home to the LightSheet Fluorescence Microscopy International Conference & 6th LSFM International Workshop, an international conference organized by ICFO – Institute of Photonic Sciences, IRB Barcelona – Institute for Research in Biomedicine, and CRG- Center for Genomic Regulation.

Throughout the two day venue, experts of LightSheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) gathered to debate on the recent research advancements in the field as well as having renowned scientists such as Dr. Ernst STELZER, from the Goethe Universität (Frankfurt), talk about “Shifting the paradigm in modern light microscopy – Light Sheet-based Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM, SPIM, DSLM)”, or Dr. Jan HUISKEN, from MPI – Cell Biology and Genetics (Dresden), address the issue of “Ten years of SPIM – applications and future trends”.

The sessions focused on topics such as Lightsheet Imaging & Applications, Lightsheet Engineering, Ultramicroscopy & Optical Clearing, Super-resolution and Single Molecules, Image Analysis & Large Data Challenges, and New Developments, that drew an audience not only of experts from the different scientific research fields, but also engineers, developers, users and stakeholders of international companies.

The event gathered over 160 participants creating and fostering an excellent environment for the exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as future collaborations and synergies. As a final treat, the conference coordinators introduced “LegoLISH”, a light sheet fully functional “microscope” built with Lego components. Capable of acquiring 3D fluorescence images using a telephone camera, the LegoLISH, indeed, mimics most of the capabilities of the actual light sheet microscopes.