12 November 2014 TV3 Foundation’s La Marató to fight Neurodegenerative diseases

ICFO awarded funding to participate in two projects in this year’s call. The main aim of the TV3 Foundation’s La Marató is to promote biomedical research in currently incurable diseases through funds raised in an annual telethon broadcast on TV3. From 1992 to 2012 La Marató funded a total of 636 biomedical research projects, distributing over €100 million in funding to research projects led by scientists mostly from research institutes in Catalonia.

The research activity financed by the Foundation encourages cross-sectional and translational research, as is shown by the increasing investment in basic and clinical research projects, and in coordinated projects, which involve a network of different institutions.

The call for this year’s La Marató was for Neurodegenerative diseases and Dr. Pablo Loza-Alvarez, head of ICFO’s SLN Facility, will participate as co-PI in two projects which have received funding.
  • Molecular imaging of the retina in patients with Multiple Sclerosis by Raman Spectroscopy (IDIBAPS - ICFO)
  • Dissecting protein trafficking in retinal neurodegeneration by super-resolution imaging on animal models and human iPSCs (Universitat de Barcelona – CABIMER – ICFO)
All awarded projects were formally announced in a formal ceremony on 30 October.