09 January 2015 New RETOS industrial projects at ICFO

Two ICFO research groups take on industrial projects with FYLA and Signadyne RETOS is a call by the Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness, which aims to offer incentives for public-private collaborations, specifically facilitating the creation of joint R&D+i projects between research organizations and companies. These projects help to promote innovation, attracting private investment, generating employment and improving the technology base in the county. The call aims at research specifically targeting the Societal Challenges.

In the most recent RETOS call, ICFO has obtained two new industrial projects with companies FYLA and Signadyne.

The IMAGINEWHITE project, coordinated by FYLA, a Laser manufacturer SME based in Valencia with the collaboration of Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, and the Facility at ICFO led by Dr Pablo Loza-Alvarez, will work towards the development of advanced bioimaging systems using white lasers.

The QU-CARD project, coordinated by ICFO’s spin-off company SIGNADYNE with the groups led by ICREA Professors at ICFO Valerio Pruneri and Morgan Mitchell, will develop fast electronics for quantum random number generators.