18 March 2015 Lindau Nobel Laureate Interdisciplinary Meeting

Jordi Tura and Michal Tomza

ICFOnians to attend the prestigious 2015 gathering. In 1950, as Europe was emerging from the devastation of WWII, an important initiative took root in Lindau, Germany. The first Lindau Conference organizers sent out invitations to the winners of the highest international science awards to meet for a 3-4 day congress to offer European scientists knowledge of the present state of science from the mouths of its most qualified representatives. Today the Lindau Meetings and the underlying idea of creating a platform to facilitate encounters between Nobel Laureates and the world\'s best young scientists enjoy widespread support.

This summer, from the 28th of June through the 3rd of July, 70 Nobel Laureates and 672 young researchers are expected to participate in the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Interdisciplinary Meeting. Due to the prestige of the meeting and the profile of the speakers, only approximately 50% of candidates for attendance, all nominated by the academic partner institutions, are finally granted an invitation.

ICREA (the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies), one of the Academic partners of the Lindau meetings, put forth a list of 6 nominees from research groups led by ICREA professors to attend this summer’s event. Remarkably, five of the six candidates, including ICFO PhD student Jordi Tura from the Quantum Optics Theory group led by ICREA Professor Maciej Lewenstein, were selected to attend.

Likewise ICFOnian, Michal Tomza, a COFUND postdoc at ICFO also in the Quantum Optics Theory group, will attend this event, nominated by the Foundation for Polish Science.

Congratulations to all - and especially to Jordi and Michal- on this amazing opportunity!