27 April 2015 Barcelona Graphene Accelerator

Support for economic growth inspired by graphene and 2D materials In the framework of the NOVUM- Science, Technology and Innovation Festival in Barcelona which took place last week and throughout this past weekend, the Major of the city, Hble. Mr. Xavier Trias, announced the launch of a new initiative entitled “Barcelona Graphene Accelerator” (BGA), which intends to accelerate graphene and 2D-material based technologies in their path to market.

In its first phase, the BGA will focus on the acceleration of photonic technologies, and therefore it will be led by ICFO. It will be dedicated to the development and eventual commercialization of devices based on graphene and graphene materials inspired by the concept for applications in the fields of optoelectronics, nanoelectronics, robotics, security, sensors, devices for smart-cities, biotech and health, and Wearables, among others.

Graphene is a single atomic layer of carbon atoms arranged in honeycomb geometry. It is the strongest known material in the world, is ultra-thin, transparent, extremely flexible and also exhibits the highest electrical conductivity at room temperature. Due to this combination of superior properties, the European Community launched the Graphene Flagship initiative in 2013, recognizing the strategic importance of this material as a key to generating economic growth and jobs through revolutionizing technologies for fields such as energy, material engineering, and medicine, among many others. The Graphene Accelerator initiative supports the development of graphene-based technologies as part of a strategy to encourage knowledge-based economic growth in the city. Barcelona aims to host future high-tech companies that sell products and services derived from or inspired by the revolution of graphene and 2D materials.