12 May 2015 Bringing technological innovations to market

Two ICFO pre-prototype projects receive LLAVOR funding from GenCat The Generalitat de Catalunya has announced the results of a call to provide seed funding for innovative projects with market potential in the early stages of technological maturity. The two ICFO proposals that received funding were:

  • Professor Jens Biegert: Table-top Synchrotron Laser Driver
  • Professors Valerio Pruneri & Morgan Mitchell: Quantum Random Number Generator for the Consumer Market
Clearly aiming to help ensure that new knowledge and technologies produced in research centers in Catalonia are translated into economic growth for society, this financing will assist scientists in the early stages of commercialization of new technologies, generating business models, conducting commercial and technological feasibility analysis, designing concept testing, etc. The aid includes a training program hosted by UC Berkeley for the development of innovative projects, aiming to strengthen the process of teamwork and provide entrepreneurial insights. In parallel, there will be a local training program including a business mentor that will assure that each team makes qualitative steps forward in their ability to make strategic evaluations of new technologies, acquiring new skills applicable to future developments and opportunities.

The “LLAVOR” (Seed) program is partially funded by the Regional European Development Fund administered by GenCat.