19 December 2005 ICFO congratulates a new PhD graduate

Prof Torner congratulates the new Doctor

Dr Gualda obtained his PhD degree with a research project on long-haul high-capacity submarine optical fiber links, supervised by Prof Torres. Dr Emilio Gualda holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree from the UPC, obtained in the year 2000. He joined Prof. Torres’ group in 2001 to conduct research in all-optical, optical fiber technologies. He now received his Dr Ing degree in the Department of Signal Theory and Communications, at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

In his PhD thesis dissertation, Dr. Gualda studied theoretically and experimentally, in collaboration with the former Pirelli Submarine Telecom Systems, high-capacity, long-haul submarine optical fiber links that carry internet and voice data between continents. He, together with his advisor and their team members, developed new techniques based in dispersion compensation to enhance the capacity of such submarine links.

Dr. Gualda also contributed to the development and implementation of a new technique to characterize ultrashort pulses, a few femtoseconds long, under the supervision of Prof. Pablo Loza, leader of the ultrafast imaging group at ICFO. He will complete his collaboration at ICFO for a few months, applying to new problems in biophotonics the skills he learnt during his PhD, before he moves on to accept new challenges in academia or in the industrial world.