20 October 2015 2014 Hottest Research

Three ICFO studies among most cited and influential core papers of 2014 in Graphene Plasmonics in Thomson Reuters citation-based list Thomson Reuters has recently released a citation-based list of the “hottest research fronts\" of the year 2014, highlighting “Graphene plasmonics” as one of top 10 research fronts with the highest impact of that year.

Out of the 15 core papers that have received the most citations in this particular research front, three of those listed account for studies carried out by ICFO researchers, those being:

  • Graphene Plasmonics: A Platform for Strong Light-Matter Interactions“ led by ICFO Professors Frank Koppens and Darrick Chang and ICREA Professor at ICFO Javier García de Abajo, published in the journal of Nano Letters in 2011.

  • Optical nano-imaging of gate-tunable graphene plasmons” led by ICFO Professors Frank Koppens and ICREA Professor at ICFO Javier García de Abajo, published in Nature in 2012.

  • Complete Optical Absorption in Periodically Patterned Graphene” led by ICFO Frank Koppens and ICREA Professor at ICFO Javier García de Abajo, published in Physical Review Letters in 2012

  • By examining highly cited research papers from 2011 thru 2014, Thomson Reuters identified research fronts built on recently published \"core\" or foundational articles. A hot front is one whose core papers not only produce lots of citations but are also rather recent. That is, a top-10 physics front in 2014 is selected as one whose core papers, published no earlier than 2011, had already generated about 2000 citation.

    The firm identified 9700 research fronts of work carried out in that period, which were then assigned to one of 10 broad disciplines such as physics, clinical medicine, geoscience, among others, and then, subsequently, classified into a top 10 ranking list.

    ICFO’s three papers have been included among 15 core papers within the “Graphene Plasmonics” research front, ranked 8th in the field of physics. In addition, these three papers all together have received over 1000 citations until the year 2014, accounting for over half of the citations generated for that specific front.

    Congratulations Frank, Javier and Darrick for this outstanding recognition!