27 October 2015 ICFO @ Graphene Canada

ICFO demonstrates wearable graphene-based health monitor in the Graphene Canada & 2D Material International Conference and Exhibition Phantoms Foundation has recently hosted the 1st edition of Graphene Canada, a graphene & 2D materials conference and exhibition which took place in Montreal, Canada. The 3-day event took place on October 14-16 2015, gathering key players of the graphene community and related industrial sectors.

This industrial oriented forum was aimed at presenting the most recent advances in technology developments and business opportunities in graphene commercialization. Key representatives of graphene companies and research institutes gathered to interchange expertise, market vision and business opportunities as well as synergies.

ICFO’s participation was twofold. On one hand, Prof. at ICFO Frank Koppens, who leads the Nano-optoelectronics research group at ICFO, gave a talk on \"Prototype demonstrators of graphene photodetector applications and future prospects\". The team of Koppens and ICFO group leader Gerasimos Konstantatos, in collaboration with medical optics specialist Turgut Durduran showed working prototype demonstrators of several graphene-based photodetection applications, such as a wearable health monitor that is flexible and transparent, and fully integrated with hybrid graphene quantum dot detectors.

On the other hand, ICFO researchers, supported and assisted by the KTT Unit, displayed the graphene devices and prototypes mentioned by Dr. Koppens, at the ICEX stand installed within the convention during the event, to show the most recent progress that has been done on ultra-fast graphene photodetectors