28 January 2016 New Proof of Concept

Wearable technologies Made @ ICFO

ERC funding for GRAPHEALTH: graphene wearable technology The European Research Council, in its efforts to help ERC grant-holders to bridge the gap between their research and the earliest stage of a marketable innovation, created the Proof of Concept (PoC) funding scheme for researchers who have already been awarded an ERC grant. Not only does this program help ERC grantees to explore the innovation potential of their research and/or commercialize the results of their ERC-funded research, the program complements the efforts of ICFO’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer Unit (KTT) which proactively searches for ways to translate newly generated knowledge into new technologies.

ICFO group leaders Professors Frank Koppens, Gerasimos Konstantatos and Turgut Durduran have been awarded ICFO’s fifth PoC for the GRAPHEALTH project. This is the second PoC for both Frank Koppens and Gerasimos Konstantatos.

The main goal of GRAPHEALTH is to exploit the inherent properties of hybrid graphene-quanum dot detectors in order to enable constant non-invasive health monitoring through vital parameters. Unlike current bulky systems, this new approach enables a flexible, compact and wearable health monitoring system for constant monitoring for consumer health applications as well as muscle health of athletes during exercise or after injury. ICFO’s hybrid quantum dot and graphene technology exhibits very high sensitivity and the technology is compatible with flexible electronic manufacturing processes. The detector is also more compact than current commercial devices.

The project is currently incubating in the ICFO Launchpad, ICFO’s space and support structure which allows innovative ideas to develop into new technology spin-offs.