14 April 2016 ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Adrian Bachtold receives prestigious ERC Grant for senior research leaders Today the European Research Council (ERC) has announced the awarding of its prestigious Advanced Grant for senior researchers to ICFO Prof Adrian Bachtold. ERC Advanced grants enable scientists to carry out frontier research with potentially ground-breaking impact on science and society beyond. The grants are awarded under the `excellent science´ pillar of Horizon 2020, the EU´s research and innovation programme.

On this occasion, Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, said: “Through EU funding, the European Research Council is enabling the best minds in the world to create a better future for us all. These talented researchers are an integral part of what keeps us globally competitive. Their work will lead to new knowledge, it will fuel innovation and it can bring about market-creating innovation, generating employment opportunities and economic growth for Europe. Most importantly, the ideas developed by ERC grantees can lead to better, healthier, more innovative societies, if we engage Europeans in realising their potential.”

The project for which Prof. Bachtold has been awarded this grant is entitled “Nanotube Mechanical Resonator, Spin and Superfluidity”, in which the research group he leads at ICFO will take advantage of the outstanding sensing capabilities of nanotube mechanical resonators to study various physical phenomena in extreme regimes that have not been explored thus far, because conventional measurement methods lack enough sensitivity. These phenomena include measurements of electron spin resonance (ESR) on single molecules, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) on single nuclear spins, and helium superfluidity at the nanoscale.

Upon learning of this ERC award, , Prof. Bachtold stated, “We are thrilled to have been awarded this grant. The generous funding will give us the freedom to really focus on these very exploratory studies, truly frontier research, for the next 5 years.”

In this competition, researchers of 29 different nationalities received funding worth in total €647 million, to carry out projects which will be hosted in 21 countries across Europe. 277 Advanced grants were awarded from 1,953 grant applications received by the ERC, representing a 14 per cent success rate.

Congratulations Adrian on this important achievement!