27 September 2016 Maciej Lewenstein receives honorary doctorate from the University of Warsaw

Photo credit: University of Warsaw

ICFO Professor honored with Doctor Honoris Causa in recognition of scientific achievements. On the 26th September, Prof. Maciej Lewenstein, an internationally recognized theoretical physicist at ICFO who specializes in quantum optics, was honored with the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Warsaw. During the award ceremony, Prof. Dariusz Wasik, Dean of the Faculty of Physics which was the council that requested the granting of the title, said, “I am impressed with the scientific and academic career of Prof. Maciej Lewenstein. This is one of the most famous physicists in Europe”.

In 2011, Prof. Lewenstein received the Award of the Foundation for Polish Science, informally known as the Polish Noble Prize, for achievements in the field of quantum optics and physics of ultracold gasses. He is also a winner of many other awards such as the Humboldt Foundation Award, the Joachim Hertz Foundation award at the University of Hamburg, the Gutenberg Research Award, and the Quantum Optics Prize from the European Physical Society. He collaborated with Nobel laureate in Physics, Prof. Roy Glauber and has co-authored more than 500 scientific articles, which have been cited approx. 23 thousand. He is one of few scientists to receive two successive ERC Advanced Grants.

Prof. Lewenstein accepted this award during the “Perspectives of Quantum Optics Symposium” which was organized on the occasion of this honorary doctorate award.

Congratulations Maciej!