22 November 2016 New Team Leader

Dr. Stefan Wieser

Dr. Stefan Wieser joins ICFO as a PI Staff Scientist within the SLN Program Dr. Stefan Wieser joins ICFO as a Team Leader with the focus on Structured Illumination Microscopy and its application to imaging of living cells. He will develop lattice light sheet microscopy and super-resolution imaging techniques paired with structured illumination schemes which allow for 3D imaging of whole cell dynamics. The team will work at the interface of physics and biology with a focus on immune cell migration. Following a multidisciplinary approach comprising advanced imaging techniques, cell biology and theoretical modelling Dr. Wieser will focus on principles of cellular symmetry breaking, polarisation and motility of leucocytes.

Dr. Stefan Wieser studied Mathematics and Physics at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. He completed his PhD in Biophysics 2009 on single molecule imaging approaches for nanoscale membrane dynamics. He then moved to the Center of Immunology Marseille Luminy as an EMBO fellow working on extended fluorescence correlation spectroscopy methods. 2011 he joined the group of Carl-Philipp Heisenberg and Michael Sixt at the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria working on zebrafish stem cells and murine bone marrow derived dendritic cells from where he moved to the Medical University of Innsbruck. Dr. Stefan Wieser joined ICFO in September 2016 as a new team leader.

Welcome Stefan!