13 March 2017 Pere Mir Puig (1919-2017)

Pere Mir Puig

In memoriam, Dr Pere Mir Dr Pere Mir Puig, who over the course of the last decade has proven an enthusiastic friend and supporter of the mission and activities of our institute, giving powerful wings to the ICFO project through his generous philanthropic patronage, passed away on Friday at age 97.

Mr Mir, PhD in Chemistry, founder and president of the Cellex and Mir-Puig private Foundations, worked tirelessly to support cutting edge research in Catalonia, not just at ICFO but across many different fields.

He has left an indelible mark on science in Catalonia and will be remembered as the most illustrious patron of the sciences of our century.

Pere is survived by his wife Nuria and their many friends, whom he cared for very deeply. ICFO’s new building will most proudly carry his name.