21 July 2017 Industrial Doctorate program

ICFO PhD graduate Alican Noyan is one of first successful participants in this program uniting research and business communities The Industrial Doctorates Plan is an initiative of the Government of Catalonia in partnership with universities and research systems. The program aims to boost the competitiveness and internationalisation of its industry, retain home-grown talent and attract international talent. The program offers doctoral students the opportunity to work on R&D+i projects with companies.

This initiative, launched in 2012, is intended to address the challenges involved in transferring to the business world the advanced, cutting-edge technology developed by the university and research system in the last decade, thereby ensuring this technology and knowledge is used to further the region’s economic and social development.

Recent ICFO PhD Graduate, Dr. Alican Noyan was a participant in this program. His thesis entitled ‘Self-Cleaning Optical Surfaces for the Inkjet and 3d Printing Industry’, in which novel self-cleaning transparent surfaces were proposed and their potential for inkjet and 3D printing industry demonstrated in real operating conditions, was supervised by ICREA Prof at ICFO Valerio Pruneri in collaboration with HP (Hewlett Packard). Having defended his thesis at the end of June in ICFO, this week he was recognized for his successful thesis work within this program at a ceremony for the first promotion of Industrial Doctorates at the Petit Palau presided over by the Minister of Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia, Santiago Vila i Vicente.