22 September 2017 Best Poster Awards

Rinu Maniyara

Roland Terborg

ICFO Researchers Rinu Abraham Maniyara and Roland Terborg honoured for outstanding work. This summer, the SPIE Photomask Technology and EUV Lithography Conference and International School on Computational Microscopy have, respectively, recognized ICFO PhD students Rinu Abraham Maniyara and Roland Terborg’s outstanding doctoral work by selecting their poster presentation for best poster award prizes.

At SPIE Photomask Technology and EUV Lithography Conference, which took place in Monterey, California from September 11-14th, Rinu Abraham Maniyara and ICFO Alumnus Dr. Dhriti Sundar Ghosh led by ICREA Professor at ICFO Valerio Pruneri, presented a poster entitled “Transparent and conductive backside coating of EUV lithography masks for ultra short pulse laser correction”. The poster summarized a study in which they used nano-meter thick metals and their oxide and nitride forms, to develop optically transparent and electrically conductive backside coatings with required transmission, sheet conductance and mechanical durability for EUV lithography masks, and demonstrated femtosecond correction through them. Constantly searching to support young talented scientists, ZEISS sponsored the Best Student Poster Award for this event and awarded Rinu with the “ZEISS Award for Talent in the Industry Best Student Poster”.

Likewise, at the International School on Computational Microscopy 2017 in Amalfi Italy from September 5-8th, Roland Terborg, in collaboration with Josselin Pello, Ilaria Mannelli, led by UPC Prof at ICFO Juan P. Torres and ICREA Prof at ICFO V. Pruneri, presented a poster entitled “Portable lens-free microscopy with sub-nanometric depth sensitivity for thin films and protein detection” in which they proposed a new design for interferometric on-chip microscopy, based on a lens-free configuration which can detect thin and highly transparent matter, like proteins and bacteria. Their instrument allows them to obtain, within a few seconds, a series of interferograms at different wavelengths in the visible and near infrared, which gives a total detection volume in the order of 1 cm3 from a single measurement. With the goal of recognizing talented young PhD researchers in the field of Photonics, the Italy Chapter of the IEEE Photonics Society sponsored the Best Poster Award at this conference, honouring Roland with this award for his outstanding work and impressive results.

Congratulations Rinu and Roland!