21 November 2017 Dr. Prantik Mazumder Receives Corning’s Annual Stookey Award

Dr. Prantik Mazumder

Congratulations to Corning‘s Dr. Prantik Mazumder In 2013, Corning Incorporated, the world leader in specialty glass and ceramics, inaugurated the Corning Professorship and Laboratory at ICFO, a collaboration that was made possible by a long-standing productive relationship between ICREA Professor at ICFO, Valerio Pruneri, and researchers at Corning. Since 2010, this relationship has been the basis for numerous successful projects in the areas of photonics and surface technologies and has subsequently helped enable Corning and ICFO to secure their leading positions in these fields.

ICFO holds in the highest regards the researchers with whom we have collaborated over the years in this highly productive relationship. In particular, we welcome the opportunity highlight the work of Dr. Prantik Mazumder, a Senior Research Associate within Corning’s Thin Films and Surfaces organization within the company’s Science and Technology division and a close collaborator within the ICFO-Corning collaboration agreement. Dr. Mazumder has been named recipient of Corning’s annual Stookey Award for outstanding exploratory research accomplishments.

The award’s namesake, Dr. Donald Stookey, joined Corning Incorporated as a glass research chemist in 1940 and is credited with more than 60 patents during his career with the company. In 1986, he was presented with the National Medal of Technology by President Ronald Reagan for his invention of glass-ceramics, photosensitive glass and photochromic glass. When he retired in 1987 as Director of Fundamental Chemical Research, he left behind a tangible legacy in the Stookey Award which is bestowed annually on a Corning scientist.

Dr. Mazumder joined Corning Incorporated in 1999 and has worked on a wide-range interdisciplinary research projects at the intersection of chemical engineering, materials science, surface and intermolecular phenomena, nanotechnology, mathematical modelling and numerical simulation. He currently leads various projects related to surface modification via chemistry and nano-engineering to achieve unique combinations of wetting, adhesion, chemical, optical and tribological properties. He has authored over 30 publications and holds 26 granted U.S. patents and more than 50 U.S. and international pending applications.

Congratulations Prantik for his well-deserved award.