10 January 2018 Nature Index Top Cities

Nature Index

Nature Index ranks ICFO as a top research institution of the city of Barcelona Science thrives in cities. With two-thirds of the global population projected to live in urban areas by 2050, cities will become even more distinctly the domain of knowledge and innovation. Nature Index 2017 Science Cities explores the high-quality research being produced by 10 cities in the natural sciences. Cities were chosen for their strong scientific credentials, metropolitan flair and global connections.

The Nature Index 2017 Science Cities tables show each city’s leading institutions for high-quality science, ordered by the following parameters: weighted fraction count (WFC), Article count (AC) and Fractional count (FC) for 2016.

The ranking placed ICFO as the top research center in the city of Barcelona, with the whole University of Barcelona in the very top institution position.

Based on research outputs mainly from the field of physical sciences and chemistry, the position established for ICFO confirms the potential of the institution to cultivate and nurture top scientific talent, at all levels. This is great news for an institution that is specially committed to offering outstanding opportunities to early career researchers and PhD students.