16 January 2018 Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Maciej Lewenstein

Prof Maciej Lewenstein elected foreign member of the PAN. The Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) is a national research institution founded in Warsaw in 1952. As the most significant scientific institution in Poland, its mission is to work comprehensively to further the advancement of science, in the service of society and for the enrichment of Poland’s national culture, while adhering to the highest standards of research quality and ethical norms.

The Academy is an elected body of scholars, including national and foreign members. New members of the Academy are chosen by the General Assembly from among candidate scholars who have made outstanding contributions to their fields and command respect among the scientific community.

The General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences has recently selected ICREA Prof at ICFO Maciej Lewenstein as a foreign member in the area of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences.

Congratulations Maciej on this honor.