04 April 2018 FET Innovation Launchpad projects

Helping transform FET-funded project results into genuine societal or economic innovations. Within the European Commission’s focus on scientific excellence, the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) actions play a very special role, aiming to turn Europe’s excellent science base into a competitive advantage. The new FET Innovation Launchpad aims to finance activities for further innovation related to FET projects, verifying and substantiating the innovation potential of ideas arising from FET funded projects and supporting the next steps in turning them into a genuine social or economic innovation.

From a total of 50 applications submitted to the second FET-Innovation Launchpad, 19 successful projects were selected and offered a grant. ICFO will coordinate one Launchpad project and participate in a second project with two partners.

UVALITH, a project which has been granted to ICREA Prof at ICFO Morgan Mitchell, proposes to advance patent protected optical frequency conversion technology towards industrial and biomedical use, allowing to efficiently convert inexpensive near-infrared (NIR) light into coherent UVA.

HERMES SR, a project awarded to the Israeli company IDEA Bio-Medical, together with CRG and ICFO, aims to further advance the development and commercialization plans of a patent protected super resolution microscope that will allow to visualize in single cells, in parallel, DNA, mRNAs and proteins with nanoscale resolution. This microscope will have automated workflow and data acquisition, enabling collecting large datasets of consistent high quality with unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution. Israeli company IDEA Bio-Medical will lead the commercialization of this new super resolution microscope.

ICFO’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Team plays an active role in these FET-Launchpad projects, helping the research teams to define the best go-to-market strategy for the FET generated innovations.