04 December 2006 QOIT Kick-off Meeting at ICFO

Kick-off Meeting of the QOIT project

The members of the ‘Quantum Optical Information Technology’ project meet at ICFO ICFO has been the venue for the kick-off meeting of the \"Quantum Optical Information Technology\" project, one of seventeen projects funded by the program CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010, put forward by the Ministry for Education and Science (MEC). Members of all the groups participating in QOIT gathered at ICFO to start their common scientific activities and to present their specific role in the project work.

Prior to presentations of all groups, Professor Jürgen Eschner, coordinator of the consortium, outlined the vision of the project and introduced the team members.

The Quantum Optical Information Technology project is devoted to the development of methods and devices for future information technologies based on quantum optical systems. It combines experimental with theoretical research. The experimental part comprises photonic, atomic, and solid state quantum systems and thus covers the most important current approaches to quantum information processing. The theoretical part covers a wide range of aspects in close connection to the experiments, including the development of cryptographic protocols, schemes for creation and conservation of entanglement, and the simulation of quantum dynamics.

The member groups and their principal investigators are:
Jorge M. García and Luisa González, IMM-CSIC, Madrid.
Carlos Tejedor, Luis Viña, and José Calleja, UAM, Madrid
José Capmany and Arturo Ortigosa, UPV, Valencia
Ramon Corbalán, Giovanna Morigi, and Jordi Mompart, UAB, Barcelona
Albert Bramon, Anna Sanpera and Emili Bagan, UAB, Barcelona
José Ignacio Latorre, UB, Barcelona
Morgan Mitchell, ICFO, Barcelona
Juan Perez Torres, ICFO, Barcelona
Maciej Lewenstein, ICFO, Barcelona
Antonio Acín, ICFO, Barcelona
Jürgen Eschner, ICFO, Barcelona