26 February 2017 Frank Koppens interviewed by the Graphene Council

ICFO Group Leader interviewed for leading research on revolutionizing the ways in which ICs operate The Graphene Council is the largest community in the world focused on the research, development and application of graphene. The Council keeps its members up to date on graphene related advances through its newsletter (The Graphene Council News), regular updates, peer to peer networking and live events.

Noting that Spain is at the center of new research that seeks to revolutionize the way in which integrated circuits (ICs) operate, the Graphene Council interviewed for their newsletter Prof. Frank Koppens, leader of the Nano-Optoelectronics group at ICFO and Jesus de la Fueta from Graphenea, about recent joint research findings that leverages the capability of two-dimensional (2-D) materials to compress the wavelengths so that they operate in much smaller dimensions. The article, entitle “Leveraging 2-D Materials for Optoelectronics” highlights the roles of both organizations in the creation of an innovation ecosystem.