30 November 2016 FEDER Funding for Medical Photonics Platform

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ICFO and Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili to collaborate on non-invasive optical platform for cerebrovascular risk assessment in ageing Advanced aging is the main risk factor in many cerebrovascular conditions (such as stroke), disorders of cognition and mobility. As the age distribution of the populations, especially in the West, is being altered towards a higher percentage of persons living to an advanced age, these aging associated pathologies amount to enormous socio-economic costs. Researchers today are actively searching for new ways to ensure healthy aging, preventative care, rehabilitation and personalized interventions based on quantitative risk stratification.

Studies point to microvascular lesions and alterations in cerebrovascular reactivity and autoregulation playing a critical role in increased risk of cerebrovascular disease, disorders of cognition and mobility. Researchers in the Medical Optics group at ICFO led by Prof. Dr. Turgut Durduran will coordinate a new project entitled MEDPHOTAGE, in collaboration with researchers from Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili thanks to funding from the Instituto Carlos III and the European Regional Development Fund. This project aims to advance towards personalized interventions through an easy-to-use, widely available monitor and associated test protocols that will allow for early detection of subtle alterations in cerebrovascular conditions.

MEDPHOTAGE focuses on the development and initial deployment of a new tool – a novel platform based on diffuse optics that measures the cerebral local microvascular hemodynamics and oxygen metabolism. This platform, to be based on a unique combination of technologies (near-infrared diffuse optical spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy) and expertise (physics, engineering, medical optics, neurology and geriatrics), presents a novel application area with a well-defined critical impact. The development and the validation of the technology will take place in parallel to the development of appropriate protocols and device-tissue interfaces (probes) to ensure a smooth transition into the clinical practice in close collaboration with ICFO Spin-off, Hemophotonics.

Researchers expect the results of this project to lead to disruptive changes in the field of healthy aging with enormous potential for long-term socio-economic impact.

Project title: MEDical PHOTonics platform for AGEing (MEDPHOTAGE): Plataforma point-of-care óptica no invasiva para la evaluación del riesgo cerebrovascular asociada al envejecimiento
Project number: DTS16/00087
Funding: 66.550€