03 February 2007 ICFO in Nature

Simulated distributions of the number of atoms detected in a certain time-window after 1,000 are released from an atomic trap at low temperature.

Prof. Lewenstein contributes his views about a recent landmark observation of a particle anti-bunching Prof Maciej Lewenstein, ICREA research professor at ICFO, has contributed his views on a recent landmark observation in atomic physics to the section News and Views of the last issue of Nature. The feature, entitled ‘The social life of atoms’, discusses the recent observation of a particle anti-bunching.

As it is indicated in Professor Lewenstein’s note, counting individual quantum-mechanical objects, such as the particles of a complex many-body system- whether photons, electrons, atoms or something else- is an efficient way to learn about the properties being counted.

Prof. Lewenstein is currently leading the quantum optics theory group in ICFO. The group works on a very broad spectrum of problems, from standard quantum optics, through physics of matter, to quantum information theory, and physics of ultra-cold atoms.