01 February 2007 ICFO in ERA-MORE


Prof. Biegert keynote speaker in the third annual ERA-MORE network conference The ERA-MORE annual conference 2007, the main networking instrument of the 200 Mobility Centres in Europe, will be held in the charming village of Sitges, only a few kilometres south of Barcelona, Spain. For the first time, the meeting welcomes in addition to the ERA-MORE members some representatives of the local contact points for the countries with a low number of Mobility Centres.

ERA-MORE is the European Network of Mobility Centers and has about 200 participating institutions and universities across 32 countries. Their goal is to provide opportunities, mobility and relocation information and to assist researchers in all matters relating to their professional and daily life, including information on legal issues, social security, health and taxes as well as family support.

Prof Biegert will give a keynote speech about his experiences working in different countries and why choosing Catalonia, Spain.