23 November 2018 Kick-off meeting of the Quantum Flagship “2D·SIPC“ project

the 2D·SIPC consortium during the Kick-off meeting on November 22nd

ICFO hosts the kick-off meeting of the Quantum Flagship “2D·SIPC” project, aimed at developing quantum devices that can be easily integrated in existing current silicon-based technologies. The 2D·SIPC project from the Quantum Flagship has officially started with the Kick-off meeting taking place at ICFO on November 22nd. During the two-day event, partners introduced themselves to the rest of the consortium members and presented the different work packages that will be executed during the project’s duration, putting into perspective the needs and solutions for the development and engineering of quantum networks, based on scalable on-chip integration of novel 2D materials into integrated photonic circuits (IPC).

Selected as one of the 20 projects that will kick-off the Quantum Flagship, an ambitious 1b€ initiative supported by the European Commission for the next 10 years, 2D·SIPC has set an ambitious goal of developing devices capable of creating, processing, storing, routing and detecting single photons. 2D·SIPC will span different research fields ranging from experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, to photonics, as well as quantum optics and advanced photo-detection applications.

The three year project will be coordinated by ICFO Prof. Dmitri Efetov, in collaboration with the University of Manchester, University of Cambridge, CNIT and Single Quantum. While ICFO focus on single photon detection and nano-imaging, Univ. of Manchester will focus on theory and fabrication processes of 2-D materials and stacking techniques for the heterostructures, Univ. of Cambridge on quantum optics and spectroscopy, CNIT on on-chip photonic circuits and Single Quantum on commercial single photon detection, single photon emission and packaging.