13 December 2018 Women for Africa Foundation teams up with CLH Group

In Photo: Silvia Carrasco (ICFO, KTT),María Teresa Fernández de la Vega (President Women for Africa), José Luis López de Silanes (Presdient CLH), and Jorge Lanza (CLH Managing Director)

ICFO will welcome a Tunisian scientist in 2019 through the SCIENCE BY WOMEN program with the support of CLH Since 2016, ICFO has participated in the “SCIENCE BY WOMEN” program of the Women for Africa Foundation, welcoming senior female African scientists to ICFO for sabbatical stays. In 2019, thanks to the generous support of the CLH group, ICFO will receive its fifth visit.

The president of CLH, José Luis López de Silanes, accompanied by the company’s Managing Director, Jorge Lanza, and the president of Women for Africa, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, have recently signed an agreement making possible a postdoctoral research visit for a female African scientist at ICFO.

The International Scientific Committee of Women Investigate selected the Tunisian scientist Latifa Guesmi as the candidate who will carry out her stay at the ICFO in the IV edition of this program. A Doctor of Information and Telecommunications Technologies from the University of Cartago, Dr Guesmi will research the topic of the development of far-reaching accessible broadband systems based on optical and photonic recognition techniques in the Optoelectronics research group led by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Valerio Pruneri.

ICFO is one of the five founding centres of the Women Investigate program, together with the National Centre for Oncological Research, the Carlos III Health Institute, the National Centre of Biotechnology and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

In its 4 editions, 40 researchers from 15 countries have benefitted from post-doctoral research trips in the 16 Severo Ochoa Spanish centres and their associated centres of excellence. The majority of them have published their results in international journals and have presented them at conferences in Europe, Africa and the USA.

CLH is the leading company in the transport and storage of petroleum products in the Spanish market, it has a pipeline network over 4,000 kilometres long and 40 storage facilities, as well as 28 airport facilities. On an international level, the company is developing an ambitious expansion plan and is already in operation in four countries: the United Kingdom, Oman, Ireland and Panama.