01 January 2007 ICFO’s Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics Group in the European Network COST P14

The network has the mission to develop fruitful collaborations between the European Atomic Physics and Plasma Physics communities. The Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics (AUO) group is participating in the European Concerted Research Action COST P14 on \"LASER-MATTER INTERACTIONS WITH ULTRA-SHORT PULSES, HIGH-FREQUENCY PULSES AND ULTRA- INTENSE PULSES: From Attophysics to Petawatt Physics\".

The mission of the network is to bring together a large number of European research groups studying the interaction of atoms, molecules, clusters, solids or plasmas with high-intensity coherent light. Its main objective is to develop a greater understanding of various fundamental physical processes and their applications, ranging from ultra-fast phenomena on the attosecond scale to ultra- strong interactions of matter with petawatt pulses.

COST P14 aims at facilitating the coordination of European research on high-intensity laser-matter interaction and at developing a fruitful collaboration between the European Atomic Physics and Plasma Physics communities. In particular, it aims at building up further links between the participating teams and creating larger scale collaborations, at broadening the training of young scientists within these teams, and at facilitating the development in East European countries of research centres working on the laser-matter interaction in strong fields.