20 December 2018 2018 Pioneers Awards

Carlos Abellan

Dr Carlos Abellan recognized for the commercial viability of the results of his PhD thesis Scientific research is an activity carried out by researchers and researchers of a variety of categories. Those who begin to do research usually do so by preparing a doctoral thesis. It is very important in these initial stages that researchers are aware that their results can have value not only in the scientific arenas, but also for commerce and industry.

It is in this framework that the CERCA Institute (Centres de Recerca de Catalunya) annually promotes the PIONER Prizes, with the aim of distinguishing those researchers and researchers from CERCA Research centers who have recently prepared and defended a doctoral thesis and have obtained results that have a clear potential for commercial exploitation.

ICFO congratulates Carlos Abellan, who defended his thesis entitled ‘Quantum Random Number Generators for Industrial Applications’ in June 2018. His thesis work was carried out under the supervision of ICREA Professors at ICFO Valerio Pruneri and Morgan Mitchell. Dr Abellan’s thesis work has formed the basis of QUSIDE Technologies, a new high-tech company that incubated in ICFO’s LaunchPad. This venture develops quantum technologies for the cyber-security and super-computation worlds.

Congratulations Carlos!