07 January 2019 Research into the Science of Light Prize

Javier García de Abajo

Javier Garcia de Abajo awarded major prize from the QEOD division of the EPS

The European Physical Society (EPS) Prize for Research into the Science of Light is a major prize awarded on behalf of the EPS through its Quantum Electronics & Optics Division (QEOD). The prize is awarded every 2 years in recognition of recent work by one or more individuals for scientific excellence in the area of electromagnetic science in its broadest sense, across the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves.

The 2019 Prize for Research into the Science of Light was awarded to ICREA Professor at ICFO Javier García de Abajo for “pioneering contributions to the understanding of the behavior of light at the nanoscale, in particular in plasmons and in light interactions with free electrons“.

Prof. García de Abajo received this award in a ceremony that took place on Friday, 4 January during the Nanometa 2019 conference in Seefeld, Austria, where he also delivered an invited talk on “Control of Light at the Atomic Scale: Fundamentals and Applications.”

Congratulations Javier!