06 March 2007 ICFO welcomes a new group leader

Prof Jens Biegert

Prof Jens Biegert, ICREA research professor at ICFO, will lead a new research program in Attoscience Prof. Jens Biegert has recently joined ICFO to open a new research area in Attocience and Ultrafast Optics.

He aims at generating the shortest flash of light, which he will use to probe profound physics theories, providing a systematic approach to understand and control chemical reaction pathways, and ultimately advance biological dynamic imaging. His group will work in a highly interdisciplinary field which fuses ultrafast laser physics, extreme nonlinear optics, atomic and molecular physics, XUV synchrotron optics, UHV technology, and electron-ion coincidence imaging techniques.

Previous to ICFO, Prof. Biegert was a group leader in high field physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich, Switzerland. His group succeeded in generating one of the shortest laser pulses (3.8 fs = 1.4 cycles), phase-stable chirped pulse optical parametric amplification, as well as few-cycle pulse generation through self-filamentation. Such pulses were used for a first proof of principle experiment to demonstrate coherent control of high harmonic generation and for attosecond imaging of wavepacket steering with a reaction microscope (COLTRIMS).

He has joined ICFO as a research professor funded by ICREA, the prestigious Catalan agency established in 2001 to attract top scientists into Catalonia.