03 June 2019 Photonics Incubator in Castelldefels

ICFO and Castelldefels City Hall renew agreement to foster and promote photonic based companies. The City Hall of Castelldefels and ICFO have formally renewed the agreement originally signed in 2016 for the support of an incubator fostering photonic based companies in the area. This agreement underlines the city’s continued commitment to support the institute in the creation and development of new enterprises in Castelldefels, helping the region attract talent and investment, create new opportunities for graduates, increase the demand for R+D+I as well as create wealth, among other benefits.

“We are thankful for the City Hall’s continuous support”, states Dr. Silvia Carrasco, Director of ICFO’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer team. “Both, the City Hall and ICFO have a shared vision of the importance of cutting-edge research and its translation into economic growth, talent attraction and high quality job creation in Castelldefels”.

This support from the city of Castelldefels is instrumental in allowing ICFO to act as a technological accelerator focused on giving support to entrepreneurs from the inception of their business idea, helping convert projects into successful deep-tech companies that take photonic technologies from the laboratory to the market.

One of ICFO’s recent spin-off, QuSide, was a beneficiary of the program. Today it is a fast growing, high-tech company based in Castelldefels that employs a dozen People. It is perfect example of the important impact that the program can have in the city.