13 March 2020 BIST IGNITE Call Awardees

ICFO will participate in two new multidisciplinary research projects funded through the 2019 BIST Ignite call. The BIST Ignite Program launched in 2016, annually funds five projects from within the BIST Community, chosen for their multidisciplinarity and high level of scientific excellence. The winners have eight months to develop their projects, at which point they are eligible to apply for second phase funding through the program.

The goals of the BIST Ignite Program are to promote the initiation of new collaborations among the BIST researchers, facilitating the exchange of knowledge among different scientific fields and exploring new approaches to address complex questions. The projects must be aimed at exploring new questions and technological challenges through novel multidisciplinary approaches, exchanging knowledge across disciplines, exposing researchers to multidisciplinary environments, and providing new insights to push the collaboration further.

Five winners of the 2019 BIST Ignite Call where announced on Wednesday, 11 March at an award ceremony celebrating the success of two projects funded through the 2018 BIST Ignite Call, both of which have been granted second round funding to further advance their research.

ICFO will participate in two of the five new projects (QEE2DUP and NANO-GBA), collaborating with other BIST centers for multi-disciplinary advances.

The winners are:

NANO-GBA- led by Silvia Muro, ICREA Professor at IBEC and María García-Parajo, ICREA Professor at ICFO.

QEE2DUP- led by Antoine Reserbat-Plantey from ICFO and César Moreno from ICN2.

MAKI- led by Claudio Parolo from ICN2 and Gemma Aragay from ICIQ.

2DETMIPS- led by Stefano Terzo at IFAE and Klaas Jan Tielrooij at ICN2.

SensMOF- led by Leyre Gómez Navascués at ICN2 and José Ramon Galán-Masccarós, ICREA Professor at ICIQ.