15 May 2007 The MIT Technology Review highlights ICFO research

ICFO researchers

The prestigious magazine features an article about Spain’s Biotech activities The article addresses how in the past five years, Spanish companies and institutions have sharply increased their focus on biotechnology, and the results — in new companies, new products, and new research centers — represent an important contribution to the growing international field.

The article reviews the roles and contributions of several Spanish biotech companies, hospitals and research centers to this revolution. Among the biotechnology research centers is ICFO´s Biophotonics Research Program that aims at shedding light into some challenging question in biology and biomedicine today.

The article highlights the latest research results by three ICFO teams, led by Profs Romain Quidant, Dmitri Petrov and Pablo Loza, in the areas of plasmonics, optical tweezers, Raman imaging, and neurophotonics.