03 November 2020 ICFO in European Quantum Week

Quantum Technologies in 5 minutes

ICFO co-organizes Outreach event “Quantum Technologies in 5 minutes” for over 1300 registered students in Spain The European Quantum Week (EQW) is an online multi-modular event running 2-6 November in parallel to the Berlin Science Week. Organized by the European Quantum Flagship with the collaboration of the European Commission and in the context of the Berlin Science Week, it includes outreach activities for the general public, specialized talks and presentations for the quantum community, as well as European policy-making and institutional visions for the future of Europe within the field of Quantum Technologies.

The Outreach event “Quantum Technologies in 5 minutes” (Tecnologías quánticas en 5 minutos), organized by ICFO, CSIC and Univ. of Zaragoza which took place in YouTube Live today, brought together a diverse panel of speakers, each giving a 5 minute flash talk in an engaging and inspiring way about why quantum technologies have become so important.

Federica Beduini (ICFO) Introduction
Juani Bermejo-Vega (Universidad de Granada) Presentation on Quantum Computing
María José Calderón (CSIC) – Presentation on Quantum Materials
Samuele Grandi (ICFO) – Presentation on Quantum Communications and the future quantum internet
Sofía Martínez (Quside) – Presentation on Cyber-security and careers in at Tech Start-up

The event was aimed at secondary school students from 14-18 years old, and drew the interest of 40 different registered institutions, translating into over 1300 registered students.

The students had questions about a wide range of topics, quizzing the panelists about the effect that quantum technologies will have on everyday life, whether people will have quantum computers in their homes, whether a quantum computer will be able to simulate the universe, how a quantum computer can be cooled down, as well as what it is like to do research or launch a career in the field of quantum technologies.

ICFO plays an active leadership role within the Quantum Flagship program, leading the Communication and Dissemination work package, the projects CiViQ (ICREA Prof. at ICFO Valerio Pruneri) and SD·SIPC (ICFO Prof. Dmitri Efetov) and partnering in five additional projects. Professors Pruneri and Efetov will offer talks later this week in the EQW on the progress of their flagship projects.