25 February 2021 Laserlab-Europe AISBL Elections

ICREA Prof Dr Jens Biegert

ICREA Prof Dr Jens Biegert elected Chair of General Assembly of Laserlab-Europe AISBL LASERLAB-EUROPE, the integrated initiative of European laser research Infrastructures, is a EU H2020 research project that aims to strengthen Europe’s leading position and competitiveness in this area. To achieve this goal, it promotes the Europe-wide use of advanced lasers and laser-based technologies in research and innovation and serves as a cross-disciplinary user community from academia and the industry.

Laserlab-Europe is a competitively funded project that began to take shape back in the 1990’s. In order to give this long-term project continuity, Laserlab-Europe AISBL was formed as an international not-for-profit association. The General Assembly is the AISBL’s decision-making body, consisting of 45 institutions, including ICFO, across 22 countries as voting members. It appoints an Executive Director for the daily business that the General Assembly decides.

ICREA Prof at ICFO Dr Jens Biegert has recently been elected Chair of the General Assembly. He has an establish record over many years of active engagement with Laserlab-Europe, currently also serving as Chair of the Networking Board of Laserlab-Europe and in its Management Board.

ICFO is a participating infrastructure of Laserlab-Europe through its Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics facility led by Prof Biegert and its Super-resolution Light Nanoscopy & Microscopy (SLN) Facility led by Dr Pablo Loza.

Congratulations Jens on this well earned leadership role.